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Do you want a shredded set of 8 pack abs? Do you have what it takes to get one?
Are you thinking I’m talking about enthusiasm and hard-work ? Uh, well first of all hard-work is not the only thing that determines if you can get 8-pack abs or not! Genetics play a big role.

I am gonna tell you about a simple test that will help you find out what your abs will look like(6 or 8)
Firstly, you need to drop your body fat! If you have a lot of body fat around your waist then you probably can’t get much from this test.

Here, let’s take a quick test.

Contract your abdomen as hard as you can. Pull out as much fat as you can from your abdomen and rub your finger up and down on the lower abdomen muscles. Now distinguish the muscle below the fat. If you’re able to feel the ridges count how many do you have.

If you do not have that 8-pack ridges below the skin that mean you ain’t fit enough to build an 8-pack. This is decided by the genetics. Some are born with the ability to get an 8 pack, some with that of a 6-pack, some with only 4!!!

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a core that stands at attention!
Start working on your obliques. They can make your core look absolutely amazing.
Even the sharpest eight pack won’t look perfect unless it is framed out by some shredded obliques.

And yeah, never let any study or any scientific stuff demotivate you!
There will always be a way to overcome those obstacles. Stay motivated!!


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