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Having biceps that don’t respond to normal weight training is very common. With some tricks, you can easily fix this problem. So, what is the best bicep workout?

Here are some tricks to build a bicep that stands at attention:

1. Start using resistance bands:

Start using a resistance band while you curl(for instance) instead of weights. Resistance bands can provide an increasing flex while you curl.
Doing the same with weights can’t contract your bicep throughout the motion. But weights should not be excluded!

2. Train for the particular muscle:

If you want to get bigger biceps and more noticeable biceps peaks you gotta train the long head and the brachialis of the bicep.
Now, who cares about the name of the muscle, right?
Exercise matters.
Preacher curls and Hammer curls can make you hit those muscles.
A simple trick to hit the long head is positioning the arm behind the body. Just like an incline dumbbell curls.


3. Don’t forget the compound movements:

Compound movements are not to be excluded at all when it comes to training your bicep or any other part of our body. Try to train your bicep just after you do any compound movement with heavyweights.

4. Overload your bicep:

Bicep is a muscle that requires a good amount of stress.
The way to give a good tension is minimum rest between sets.
What you can do is train one arm at a time.
For example, Do 10 reps with your right hand and then 10 reps with your left hand. Repeat this until failure.

Now, as you know the correct way to train your bicep, it doesn’t really matter what equipment you use but you are going to build them!


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