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Best Conditioning Exercises

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Best Conditioning Exercises

Do you want a shredded physique that stands at everyone’s attention?
You need to drop your body fat! But to do that you need to follow a workout that will help you to lose fat.
Some people think that they just have to burn the calories. They run for an hour and say “Whoohoo!! I just burnt a thousand calories.” This might be taking you away from your fat loss goals!
So the question arises: What is the best workout for losing fat?
Let’s find out Best Conditioning Exercises!

While doing long cardio you lose weight, but you don’t lose fat particularly. You can also lose the muscular mass! Long cardio can also lower your testosterone levels. Guys with low testosterone have lower lean mass!
So, we have to focus on the exercises that can make you lose calories and also put some tension on your muscles.

These three Best Conditioning Exercises can get this job done :


Running slow and steady for a long time is a bad idea! You should do sprints or hard running instead!
You have to run raising your knees as high as you can to produce a great amount of tension in your thighs.


This classic exercise is one of the best exercises you can do to build athletism and build muscles as well.
But just jumping normally ain’t gonna give you the edge!
What you have to do is ‘Alternating leg hop jumps’. And try to raise your knees high.
This will give you a huge amount of flex in your legs.
Plus, you also supinate your forearms while rotating the rope. This is gonna help you to build some endurance in your forearms.


This is probably the best upper body conditioning exercise!
You will be working on muscular endurance, muscular strength and lose a hell of a lot of fat while doing battle ropes.
It works on each and every muscle of the upper body. It works the hell out of arms, core, and lats.

Remember that this is not the only workout you should do in order to lose fat.
Combine this workout with weight training to maximize fat loss and muscle gain.

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