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Best Forearm Workouts

A strong forearm will provide you a great grip strength which is necessary to perform the lift and lifting heavy is a step toward getting stronger. Training forearms can also improve your vascularity and make you look cool With These Best Forearm Workouts!

But do you need to perform new exercises and spend more time in the gym to grow your forearms? Nah!

There are some exercises to hit your forearms particularly but if you don’t want to spend extra time doing them then this is the way to go!
I’ll tell about some tricks that help you to build those forearms without spending any extra time.
You don’t have to do any new exercise specifically for your forearm. You just have to bring some variations in the exercises you are already doing.

1. Tricep pushdown :

While doing a tricep pushdown, instead of just going down and coming back up, perform a wrist curl when you reach the bottom. IT will activate your forearm without the load off from your triceps.

2. Any barbell/dumbbell exercise :

Try to hold the barbell/dumbbell more firmly and tightly to get your forearms in action.
For instance, while doing any dumbbell exercise like lateral raises wrap your finger tightly around the dumbbell and this will make your forearms burn.

3. Pullup :

Wrap your fingers and thumb on the bar as if you are preparing to punch someone.
Plus, do the last rep isometrically i.e., go up and hold until your forearms burn like hell.
This is going to be challenging but it’ll make you feel stronger.

4. Barbell curls :

While doing a barbell curl try to curl your wrists when you reach the top of the motion.
You can also perform bicep curls overhanded to get more contraction in your forearm.

Bonus :

While lifting heavy, try not to use gloves and straps to force your forearms to hold the barbell as tight as they can.


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