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How many reps are best for you? How many reps are best to build muscle?
This question comes up very often when it comes to working out.
The answer to this question is not the same for everyone.

It varies for different types of training.
It is different for a guy who does weight training and for a guy who does bodyweight exercises.

Let’s talk about the best rep ranges for different types of training.

Rep range for weight training:

Your rep range should be somewhere in between 8-12 reps with the weights that make you fall in this range. That means those weight should make those 8 or 9 or whatever reps (seems easy) very difficult.
Make sure to increase the weights whenever you feel you can to ensure progress.

Rep range for bodyweight training:

Bodyweight training requires a great amount of dedication. Since you can not increase the intensity by adding weights, you should increase the intensity by adding more reps.
Doing as many reps as you can do per set can be a good way to maximize muscle growth.

Bodyweight exercises can provide a lot more mobility to your body. If you think that lifting weights can provide you strength, you’re wrong. Bodyweight training is also very important to build strength to move your body and to build endurance. I have seen a lot of folks who can lift heavy but can’t do a pullup.

Use this post-failure tension principle to build ultimate strength with bodyweight exercises :

For less demanding exercises like push ups, do 5-10 more reps after failure.

For demanding exercises like pull up, do 2-3 more reps after failure.

Take home point: Focus more on using the muscles than just reaching that decided number. If you do those reps without focusing on the muscle you are trying to train, you’ll not see good results.

Focus on how you are PERFORMING those reps instead of HOW MANY!


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