How To boost testosterone

Since many people keep surfing all around the internet finding some Undiscussed ways on How To boost testosterone, the conventional ways would be known to many.So let’s talk about some unknown ways On How to boost testosterone.

1.Body language:

Ever wondered that just behaving like a macho man can really make you macho?
You see, the production of testosterone in your body is mostly handled by your brain.
That’s why stress is related with lowering t-levels.
When you portray masculine body language(even if you’re not that muscular), your testosterone level can increase by up to 15%!!.
Behaving masculine includes: Standing straight, Popping your pecs, talking to other people looking straight into their eyes etc.


One recent study (journal of Evolution and Human Behavior) proves that chopping wood can actually boost your testosterone levels by 35%.
In addition, it is also a great workout.
It works the hell outta your forearms and core.
And it is probably the best exercise for oblique development.
You can’t possibly get a chance to chop trees down, though! :/


As I had already mentioned that your brain plays the main role in the testosterone production.
Winning can make you feel happy a lot!
Whereas, losing can make your t-levels drop significantly!
Losing can lead to kinda stress.
Also, when you feel motivated your testosterone levels are at peak.
So, find a motivation from wherever you can!

4.Stop using cosmetics:

Go and check the ingredients mentioned in your face wash or lip balm(or whatever shit), you’ll find a whole list of different chemicals like ethyl parabens, propyl parabens, and stuff.
Those parabens act as a very strong estrogen producer!
And these chemicals can be found in each and every f*king cosmetics you use.
Gotta shift to natural cosmetics!!

5.Stop watching porn and masturbating!! :

You may have even heard that masturbation can increase testosterone from some folks that are addicted to pornography and are bound to the habit of masturbation.

The fact is that they can’t control themselves and instead of finding some way out, they try to find some good in it.
Masturbation can lower the activity of your androgen receptors, weaken your penile nerves(results in frequent nightfall). It will certainly lower your testosterone.


Not street fighting! I’m talking about sports like wrestling and boxing.
Fighting can fulfill your primal urge to be a man.
At least hitting a punching bag can make you feel manly as fuck!

7.Sprinting on ice(without footwear):

You may have heard about ice baths. It’s a very popular way to boost testosterone. Same is the science behind this.
Testosterone survives more easily in low temperatures.
Just living in a cold place can also boost your testosterone! And also avoid heating your testicle

8.Get some sun:

Sun rays can raise you testosterone significantly.
Sunlight can convert the cholesterol present in the skin into Vitamin-D.
Vitamin-D is known to boost testosterone and also strengthen the bones.
Instead of supplementing with Vitamin-D capsules, spend some time out in the sunshine.

Stay away from steroids or any other medicine. These may increase your t-levels dramatically but they alter the natural testosterone producing ability of your body.
Can set you to worse!


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