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All About Intermittent Fasting – Lose 10 KG In 1 Week

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There is a lot of confusion among people about INTERMITTENT FASTING. The questions are many. Do intermittent fasting results in fat loss?

Is it the best eating pattern for fat loss? Do it boost testosterone? Can it kill your muscles? In this article, I’ll do my best to tell you everything you should know about Intermittent Fasting.

Over time this issue has gained its popularity mostly by those who have had some success with it. It’s not a diet plan, it’s not about cutting calories.

Just a pattern of eating and not eating that brings about a significant change in your body; a pattern of going long periods without eating.


Whenever you eat, your body releases insulin. Insulin is responsible to store excess glucose in your body in the form of fat. In the presence of insulin, you can’t lose weight!

Intermittent fasting can lower your insulin levels( Because you don’t eat for long periods), which will help you to lose fat.



Intermittent fasting affects the production of some hormones in our body.



Some researchers have shown that men who do intermittent fasting for straight 30 days experience an increase of about 200%.

This study says that intermittent fasting can really boost testosterone levels.

In this study, men who did I.F. showed an elevation in their testosterone to about 2000%(that’s insane!!!)


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Studies have proven that fasting boosts the growth hormone production in your body
GH is a very powerful fat burning and muscle building hormone.

It results in increases muscle mass and it lowers body fat.



I have already said that I.F. results in low insulin levels.

But not only it stores fat, it also blocks the GH in your body.

Another reason to do It.



A study proved that luteinizing hormone increases when you do fasting.

LUTEINIZING hormone can result in an increase in t-levels

All these hormonal changes are only going to result in low body fat percentage!

Also when you don’t eat and do any work, your body uses the stored fat to get an energy supply.

This will result in low body fat and increased lean muscle.

Some theories also state that fasting results in the destruction of muscle cells by simply getting consumed to produce energy in the lack of glucose i.e., you don’t lose fat cells but muscle cells.

What actually happens is that your body produces some enzymes while fasting that makes the mitochondria of the muscle cells kind of paralyzed, so muscle cells will not be used for energy.

In this situation, fat cells will be burned to produce energy.




Basically, there are three types of popular diet patterns
1. 6-meal plan(often termed as best fat loss pattern)
2. 3-meal fasting.
3. 2 meals fasting.

6- meal plan:

It is one of the most popular myths that you should eat 6 small meals in a day to maximize fat loss.

The truth is that it’s the total calorie intake that matters!

Eating too frequently can cause a spike in insulin.

Also, it can result in decreased testosterone levels.

A study suggests that frequency of eating relates inversely with fat loss.


3- meal(fasting) plan:

Normally, everyone eats three meals in a day, but what’s a 3 meal fasting plan?

In this pattern, you skip your breakfast and have your first meal 4 hrs after you wake up.

And then after 3 hrs, and then after 6 hrs.

But you can’t get the best out of this pattern.


2-meal plan:


You will have to eat just two meals to get the best of I.F.

You will have to skip breakfast.

Your first meal would be @ 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon and second meal @ 8:00 p.m.(dinner).

Exercise in the morning or in the evening.
In this pattern, you fast for about 16 hrs straight and then for another 6 hrs.

What it does is it increases the time gap between meals for 16 hrs(during the night) and it will result in an increased fat loss.

I too have followed this pattern and I was able to see the results within 3 days.



Guess what? Not only fat loss but it has many other benefits too!


1. Type -2 Diabetes:

We have already discussed how it affects your insulin. And since it reduces your insulin resistance, it also lowers your blood sugar level. Blood sugar levels can drop by 3-5% while fasting!(study).


2. Detox:

While you are fasting, you are also avoiding the toxins present in our everyday meals. And also because it creates a good hormonal balance(cure the effects of toxins), it’s a great detox.

So, try to do intermittent fasting once in a while. (See also, BEST FOODS FOR DETOX)


3. Retard aging process:

Calorie restriction can slow down the aging process.(study) Maybe because it creates hormonal balance and it does detoxification.

It will also improve your heart and brain functioning.


4. Easier than dieting:

It’s quite an easy work to do I.F. You may find it difficult for the first time but your body will get used to it very soon.

And you can eat what you want(just have to wait for a while). So, it surely is easier than dieting.



  • Between them meals, you are allowed to drink(not eat) low calorie drinks like coffee but without sugar. I don’t think there are any other options available, though!
  • Also, drink good amounts of water. Whenever you feel very hungry, drink water. This will help you to stay in the lane.


What to Believe And What Not?

You may have read many other articles about this saying that I.F. is a waste of time.
I am not asking you to believe me.

Just believe yourself!


Try this method for a week and if you see results, then go for it! and if you don’t then stick with some other diet plans.(Foods for fat loss, foods to boost testosterone, best vegan protein sources)

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