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Masturbation Effects on Health: Should you masturbate or not?

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Masturbation Effects on Health

You won’t be reading this article if you do not know what masturbation is or probably if you have not been indulged in this practice ever before. So, giving a “definition” of Masturbation in this article may seem quite absurd. What are masturbation effects on health?
This is of the most discussed topics among fitness enthusiasts and the Men who are indulged in this sexual practice. Masturbation has become a very normal perhaps one of the happiest things for many(most?) people.

The fact is that masturbation is very much similar to the act of drinking alcohol.
Drinking alcohol in moderation has no bad effect but drinking in excess can be fatal.
So is the case with masturbation.
Masturbation, when done with moderation will have no bad effects on health.
But Men can get and do get addicted to masturbation (again, similar to drinking alcohol). And this is the main problem.

Addiction to Masturbation

Some Men get addicted to masturbation and they think about sex or porn most of the time. Spending too much time masturbating can cause you to:

  • Unable to concentrate on work
  • Skip your work
  • Unable to do some work because it can make you tired

Also, it can make you less social. It can ruin your relationships.

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The science behind The Addiction to masturbation and pornography.

When men have sex or watch porn, their Dopamine levels increase. Dopamine is a hormone which gives you a feeling of pleasure. Dopamine gives you a motivation to do some work. For example, craving for some food is because of Dopamine.

When Dopamine increases dramatically, the brain turns off the Dopamine-receptors. This results in a total emotional change in human behavior. People with low Dopamine-receptors have side effects like :

  • Lack of confidence
  • Social anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Memory loss
  • Fatigue

Sex is the most Dopamine stimulating natural act. Every time you watch porn, your dopamine levels increase and this motivates you to watch more and more sexual content bombarding your brain with Dopamine. Now your brain starts decreasing the Dopamine receptors.

And when Men get addicted to this act of self-pleasuring are likely to experience these effects

Masturbation effects on health:

Negative effects of masturbation:

1. Low Testosterone levels:

Now every other guy and every other research claims that masturbation does not have any effect on testosterone.
The thing is that if done in moderation, there will not be any effect on your Testosterone levels.
But when you over-masturbate, your T-levels are going to decrease.
Whenever we ejaculate, our body starts to produce sperm again. Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men. For overall health and it is also used in the production of sperm.
So after ejaculation, you will have low t-levels in your bloodstream. This decrease last for very short periods but if you masturbate excessively, you will experience low testosterone.

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Another reason for low testosterone is that when you masturbate excessively, it causes excessive testosterone-DHT conversion in the body.


2. Fatigue

Sperm contains DNA and RNA. RNA contains proteins, glucosides, enzymes, calcium, lecithin, minerals, and it also contains some testosterone.
When we ejaculate, all of these are lost from the body in minimal amounts. Excessive ejaculation can cause these components to be lost in high amounts. This can cause a deficiency of these components if not replenished with a good diet and lead to fatigue and weakness.

3. Premature ejaculation:

Excessive masturbation results in regular and over stimulation of the penal nerve, making this nerve very sensitive. This is how premature ejaculation is linked with excessive masturbation. This can negatively affect your sex life, damage relationships.


4. Physical Risk:

“Masturbation is the safest form of sex possible. No one ever caught an STD from himself or made himself pregnant. So, go and fuckin’ masturbate” :/
Every next article on the internet speaks these lines in the same manner.
But masturbation is not risk-free.

When a guy is in the habit of over-masturbation, he might also be doing rough or vigorous masturbation. This may cause the erectile muscles to rupture. This will result in his penis to swell and grow into a big purple swollen mess and unimaginable pain. Now he will find himself in a situation in he is confused thinking about whether he should tell someone about this or not. The pain and the swollen penis compels him to tell this one of his family members.
In short, tremendous insult.
How did you like the story, though? Masturbation effects on health can be very dangerous too!
Well, this can happen to anyone. And this has happened to many people(men, of course).
Now, I don’t have to state that again but Masturbation is not risk-free.

5. Acne

Excessive ejaculation can cause testosterone-DHT as well as dopamine-adrenaline conversion. High amounts of Dihydro-testosterone is one of the main factors that cause acne.

Some benefits of masturbating in Normal amounts

Masturbation does have some benefits. Only if you masturbate in normal amounts. But there is no benefit worth bragging about.

  1. Relieve Stress
  2. Better sleep
  3. Relax
  4. Boost your mood.

Now you better be knowing this. Exercising also helps you relieve stress, sleep better, and boost your mood.

The Nightfall Myth

Some people say that not Masturbating for at least once a week will cause Nightfall/Wet dreams.
This is a big myth. The truth is just opposite.
Over-masturbation can cause the penal nerves to become weak.
As a result, the brain is not able to control the flow of semen and involuntary ejaculation happens. Masturbation IS one of the main causes of nightfall. End of discussion!


The Problem with the Society

The fact is that quitting masturbation can be a very beneficial step in your life. But our society, particularly some Doctors and Fitness experts(so-called) encourage the Young people to masturbate by throwing some facts like “It’s normal, doesn’t affect your health”, or “It reduces the risk of prostate cancer”.

But believe me, Masturbation is ruining your life.


There is no harm if you are masturbating in normal amounts. But if you are a slave of this habit, you better try to stop this.

There is always 100% possibility of recovery from this habit.

What is the Normal Amount of masturbation? How often should you masturbate?

Not more than 2 times a week.

I hope you liked this article on “Masturbation effects on health”.

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