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Measure your body fat percentage (no calipers needed!)

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Calculate Body Fat Percentage

Relying on the weight scale is simply not a way to check your progress since lifting weights is likely going to cause you to gain weight while you may be lowering your body fat percentage.

Measuring your body fat percentage instead is a wiser move than measuring weight to keep a track of your progress.
Body fat percentage can be easily measured with the use of calipers.

But if you don’t have access to this tool, there is another way to measure your body fat.
You just have to use a measuring tape!

Step 1 *Chest*(tilted pinch):

Tighten your chest muscles and pinch the fat out from the area right in between your nipples and the corner of your chest and measure it.

Step 2 *Abdomen*(vertical pinch):

The same for this, tighten your abs and pinch vertically from either side of your navel and then measure it.

Step 3 *Thigh*(vertical pinch):

Lift your thigh up, pinch vertically, measure it.

Now the average of these three measurements will decide your body fat percentage.

1/4 inch pinch is 5 to 8 percent body fat
1/2 inch pinch is 9 to 13 percent body fat
3/4 inch pinch is 14 to 18 percent body fat
1-inch pinch is 19 to 22 percent body fat
1 1/2 inch pinch is 23 to 27 percent body fat
2-inch pinch is 28 to 32 percent body fat
2 1/2 inch pinch is 33 percent body fat and above

Take home point: Focus on your body fat over your weight! If you are adding a good amount of lean muscles your weight is going to go up and that is good, that’s what you should be looking for instead of just losing weight. If you want to pack some muscle mass and lose fat side by side, measuring fat is going to reveal your progress!


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