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Mr Olympia 2017 Winner Prediction | Top 5 Prediction

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Mr Olympia 2017 Winner Prediction

This year, who has the Mr Olympia 2017 title in the bag? Let’s talk about my Mr Olympia 2017 winner prediction!
The 53rd Mr. Olympia will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 14th, 2017.

Run by the IFBB(International Federation of Bodybuilding), Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia is the biggest and the most famous bodybuilding competition in the world.

And with the most famous bodybuilding competition in the world approaching fast enough you may be wondering that who will win this time.

Some winners of the past who were the greatest of all(to name only a few) are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney,
Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and Phil Heath.

These bodybuilders many Mr. O titles enclosed with their names.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 6 titles
Lee Haney: 8 titles(record)
Ronnie Coleman : 8 titles(record)
Jay Cutler: 4 titles
Phil Heath(current champ) : 6 titles

We’ll now take a look at the Mr Olympia 2017 winner prediction.

But first:

A few words about Kai Greene

I think he is done competing at Mr. Olympia. He has decided to stay out this year too. Maybe he thinks that he can’t beat Phil Heath because judges judge Phil as the last year champion(this may be a reason for many winning streaks through the history of Mr. O).

But if he competes, he can really make Phil push harder.
Though, he lags behind on some places: Forearms, Hamstrings, Lats, and Shoulders.
He defeats Phil at Mid section, Biceps, Triceps, and Quads.

Here is a quick photo comparison between Phil And Kai.

Front Lat Spread


Most Muscular


Back Double Bicep

Now for the Top 5 Positions

This year, only the first position can be well predicted. The rest of the spots are very hard to predict. Each and every guy is working as hard as they can. Everyone wants to win so bad. Whether it be older competitors like Dexter Jackson and Shawn Rhoden, or younger guys like Big Ramy, or the current champ himself.

Who will get the first position?

Hands down Phil Heath!!!
Reason why?

First of all, I do not see anybody able to dethrone him.

Shawn Rhoden:

Image result for shawn rhoden

He looks great but lacks that size and a little bit of conditioning too. He is older than Phil Heath. I do not think Shaw will be a threat to Phil’s career.

Big Ramy:

Image result for big ramy

This guy is significantly BIG but lacks the definition. This year there is a huge buzz! People saying that he will destroy Phil this year. Hell no!
He needs to work on some of his weak points like calves the back side, and forearms too.

Dexter Jackson: This guy is unbelievable!! He is 47 and will be 48 this november but still on the run.

Dexter Jackson is just a little bit smaller than the other bodybuilders on that stage but his condition is on point. He can’t beat Phil.

Secondly, Phil is great.

He is not too old. He is just 37 and has 6 Olympias in his bag. And he definitely has 3 more years left of his prime.
Phil has got great genetics, he has got the conditioning, he has got the size. Has all the right tools at the right place. That’s why he is currently the best bodybuilder in the world.
He has no weak points.

He has got the best back, the best hamstrings, his upper chest is great, his delts and biceps lack nowhere.

The past two years, Phil has won with great point margin.

Mr. Olympia 2015

Place Name Points
1 Phil Heath 11
2 Dexter Jackson 26
3 Shawn Rhoden 27

Mr. Olympia 2016

Place Name Points
1 Phil Heath 10
2 Shawn Rhoden 25
3 Dexter Jackson 30

and he is certainly going to win it again.

These are some captures of the very recent guest posting by Phil Heath.

Looks full as fuck. Just needs the conditioning he is known for and he definitely will win this time. No doubts at all!

So, Phil Heath will be the Mr Olympia 2017.

The second position.

This place is filled with uncertainty. I am saying this after thinking many many times(I still do not believe if I am right) Big Ramy will place at second place. Many people do not want to hear this(including Big Ramy ;P). Some see him as the best. And that’s OK, everyone has different opinions but what matters is the decision of the judges. He needs to works on his conditioning. And all those weak points we have already discussed: calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower back.
His recent pictures are creating a buzz, though.

He has improved for sure but not that much. We’ll see a new Ramy this year. That’s for sure! He weighs 340 lbs. He is a freak for sure.


The Third Place:

Dexter Jackson will place in the third position. Age is just a number for this guy!!

Over time, no big difference is there to conclude that age is beginning to catch up with him. This is his latest pic(can’t make much out of it, though).


Fourth Place:


William Bonac. He looks great.  He is insanely ripped. His lower back and arms are insane. No complaints about his legs. Just a little bit small (just a bit). This is the Bonac 15 weeks out:

Fifth Place:

Shawn Rhoden. Though, he came second last year. This is his latest pic.

I don’t think that he will be a threat to the title, this year. He is 42.(though, Dexter is 47). He is the most aesthetic bodybuilder on that stage but he is small.

I am feeling pretty confused. Wondering what challenge the judges are going to face. If each and every guy comes with his 100%, then this year, Mr. Olympia’s line-up will be way more strong than last year.

So this is the Final Mr Olympia 2017 winner prediction

First Position: Phil Heath

Second Position: Big Ramy

Third Position: Dexter Jackson

Fourth Position: William Bonac

Fifth Position: Shawn Rhoden

And this is just a prediction. And there is no surety that the results will be the same.

This Mr Olympia 2017 winner prediction with uncertainties. Though, I am sure that Phil Heath will win this time unless some tragic happens to him or some wonder happens to other contestants.

Let’s see what happens at the Mr. Olympia 2017.

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