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No Paid Sex Without Aadhar Card In Goa!

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No Sex Without Aadhar Card: Let us know About Here Paid Sex With Aadhar Card! In this article we will tell about Goa Paid Sex and you all need to know about that why Aadhar Card must for Paid Sex in Goa.

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If You Are Looking To Pay For Sex In Goa, Better Carry An Aadhar Card

The Banks and cellphone companies aren’t the only ones who demanding your Aadhar Card. Pimps in Goa are also making it mandatory.

According to a Times of India report, If you are looking to pay for getting hooked up, you might need to show your Aadhar Card. YES YES YES you read it right. Your regular pimps also need proof of your Aadhar Card to start their services.

The concept of paid sex is no more a discreet and private affair, with business being conducted behind the closed doors. Especially in Goa.

Patrons wishing for paid sex now have shown their Aadhar Cards, as a proof of identity

Over the past few months, the state has heavily cracked down on flesh trade.

According to a latest report a group of men looking for paid sex were forced to shell out their Aadhar Cards.

The men, who were there for a Bachelor party, contacted someone for five ‘girls’. The contact soon reverted, demanding for their Aadhar detais via WhatsApp along with a photo of their room keys with the hotel tag.

How Much Customer Pay To The Pimp

Many Tourism arrive in Goa lured by websites and social media forums promising escorts and call girls. 90% of cases end up with tourists being cheated. Says an officer, and explains the gangs modus operandi.

The Pimp points to a girl standing on a balcony who waves to the customer.

The customer pays around Rs4,000 to the pimp. The tourist is then asked to go up to the           room. When he knocks, nobody opens the door. Hearing the banging on the door, those  from neighbouring apartments come out (possibly planted by the pimps), and make a noise, forcing the tourist to leave.

Agents and Pimps do not want to leave anything to chance and verify customer’s identity with Aadhar Card to ensure that they are not Police Decoys.

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