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Strength and Conditioning Workouts For Athletes!

Strength and Conditioning Workouts For Athletes

Strength and Conditioning Workouts For Athletes

Are you an athlete? You gotta train hard. And you probably do know that. But do you know what’s the best Strength and Conditioning Workouts For Athletes?
If you’re an athlete, you need to build strength, endurance, and stamina.
As the title suggests, I will tell you about a workout that comprises of just four bodyweight exercises and it will work the hell out of your whole body.

This workout is not the best workout for bodybuilding. And it is not for newbies cause it is really hard.
It is the best workout for athletes. This workout demands a lot of work and provides incredible amounts of strength, endurance, and stamina.

Those four exercises are:

1. Pullups :

This exercise works on your back, your chest, your forearms, biceps and your core all at once.

Correct Posture:

Lean backward and raise your knees while pulling yourself up.

Do half of them with an underhand grip(chin-up) to work on your bicep.
Sets and reps: You have to do 100 pullups(50 overhanded/50 underhanded) in total. Within 12 or fewer sets.

2. Dips :

Not bench dips! Bench dip sucks! You have to do it on a bar. This works on your back, chest, tricep, shoulder.

Correct Posture:

Don’t tuck your shoulders inside. Pop your pecs outwards.
Sets and reps: 80 in total. Within 10 or fewer reps.

3. Bodyweight squats :

Works on your legs.

Correct Posture:

Make sure both the legs are leveled. Stand straight, go all the way down(as you sit on the floor) on your toes and up. That’s one rep.
Sets and reps: 300-400 within 3-4 sets.

4 . Reverse crunches:

Works on your core- lower abs, upper abs, obliques.

Correct Posture:

Don’t keep your arms behind the neck like a normal crunch. Raise your hips upwards when your legs reach the top.
Sets and reps: 60 reps within 3 sets.

Remember that you have 75 minutes to finish this workout.
Sounds insane right? Well, that’s what it is. It may seem very hard to you at first, But believe me, when you will see the results you’ll be addicted to this workout.


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