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Some people train only the visible muscles like bicep or chest. But if you want to build incredible strength you should stop avoiding other muscle groups! Now, what you need is a good strength training program that includes proper training of those overlooked muscles!

Let’s talk about the important and overlooked muscle groups you should train in order to develop strength:


This is the most important part of the body you should train if you want to build strength. The core is literally at the core of every movement you do. Whether it be any sport like Wrestling, Boxing, Gymnastics or Weightlifting you have to work on your core!


Some people don’t like to train legs. Ain’t your legs part of your body?
Just like trees can’t grow without strong roots, you can not become strong if you won’t train your legs.
People may not like training legs but trust me if you start training your legs you’ll see the results.


I know I know, forearms may not seem as an overlooked part but training forearms are very important if you want to build strength!
A strong forearm will provide you a great grip strength. Grip strength is necessary to perform the lift and lifting heavy is a step toward getting stronger. Chech out the best forearm workout.

And I’ll repeat that core is the most important part. You should start training your core daily. Not only it will make you strong, it will also make you look cool!

Recovery is also important! With attention to a good diet, proper sleep, supplementation and sufficient rest you can build strength faster and more effectively.

Push yourself! More efforts mean more strength.

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